A powerful weekend of motorsport is soon here

V8 Thunder Car, photo: Henrik Andersson, speedersmag.com
V8 Thunder Car, photo: Henrik Andersson, speedersmag.com

Well first of, this is our column, it is not intended as a source matched article, in here we write things that might matter, or not matter. This column is more like amusement to you – our reader.

But enough about that, we have a actionpacked weekend ahead of us. First of is Swedish Touring Car Championship, they will race on a track that is built for this event only (Solvalla track is a horse racing track normally) but for this race they tarmac a track and race touring cars, Rallycross, V8 Thunder cars and other classes also.

This friday (sept. 11th) training and qualify sessions is done – on saturday the actual competition is raced and points are taken – or lost.

Sunday we have a RM (National Championship) in Drifting, this event is held on Eskilstuna Motorsport Arena. They are also driving two days with some fun moments on saturday, sunday means pure business when it is time to compete for the titel of national champion in the drifting class called modified.

Well more then? what are you up to at redakt?

Oh well what is more…. well alot of work is currently on website, and at the same time we are translating articles to english.

Phew….. or….. wait….. What not phew! yay it is fun, and giving to publish news from motorsport in sweden and around the globe.

Ofcourse it is fun, this is what I live for. To present articles for our readers, and to visit different motorsport events to photograph and write articles about the action.

And…… we will start to add video blogging, or as it’s called Vlog. Maybe once every week is the plan.

The same goes for this column, once every week.

Glad to see that you – yes you have read our column – now browse our news also, and like our facebook page, and youtube channel

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